Chinese Lunar New Year Celebrations in Asian Cities 2016

Chinese New Year in Asia

One of the best festivals of the year is New Year. People eagerly wait for the day to celebrate the last day of the year and to welcome the New Year. Some people also maintain their rituals or customs on this day and hope that the New Year will bring lots of positivity and fortune in their lives. Every community has their special New Year party. In Asia, Chinese Lunar New Year is the largest holiday.  Asian people celebrate this festival at the beginning of February. It is one of their most awaited festivals and to enjoy this evening they gather together, arrange a family get to gather and dance with their friends and relatives.

Below are some Asian cities where the Chinese New Year is celebrated grandly, attracting millions of tourists from Europe and North America coming to take part.

  • Chinese New Year in Macau (China)
  • Chinese New Year in Hong Kong (China)
  • Chinese New Year in Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • Chinese New Year in Sydney (Australia)
  • Lunar New Year in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)
  • Chinese New Year in Singapore: Read full story on Singapore CNY parade
  • Chinese New Year in Shanghai (China)
  • Chinese New Year in Taipei (Taiwan)
  • Chinese New Year in UAE: Learn more about Dubai and Abu Dhabi CNY Celebrations in the Gulf.