Amazing Events of Chinese New Year in Beijing 2017

beijing chinese new year celebration

One of the most popular festivals of Chinese tradition is their new year. They celebrate this special moment with great joy. If you have planned to visit china on the Chinese New Year, then you should definitely visit Beijing to watch the amazing arrangements and have fun with your near and dear ones.

Celebrations in 2017 CNY

Chinese New Year is a special time for Chinese people; it is a time for family get together and many more celebrations. Reunion dinner party, lucky gifts, dazzling fireworks, dragon dance, lion dance and ringing the bell of New Year – these are the most interesting events of Chinese New Year. Being the capital of china, Beijing organizes huge celebration to draw people’s attention and make them amaze. To watch these stunning events and the best traditional dance of China ‘NiuYangge’, you have to visit Beijing.

Beijing organized great event on its streets and this year you are going to watch the biggest Chinese new year parade on the eve. It features many great events such as lion dance, dragon dance show, floats and many local bands perform with the marching bands. It is one of their traditions to organize the lion dance on this special eve. Visit Qianmen Street, Das hi Lar, Silver Street to experience the best lion and dragon dance shows. This parade starts from the Qianmen Street and covers the whole city. Many professional folk dancers perform there. Acrobats and the experts of martial arts reveal their talents. Moreover, you can see many students take part in the parade and make it a grand parade.

At the Beijing Lady’s Street, you can find the best fireworks show. It is the famous fireworks show of Beijing that take place from many years. If you are in Beijing then you should definitely come to watch the thousands of fireworks exploding in the sky. More than 400,000 people come to watch this in every year.

On this very special day the inhabitants of Beijing decorate their house with red colour because they believe it as the most powerful colour that can bring good fortune in their lives. They hung couplets on the hall of their home and it is known as Chun Lian. You can visit the flower market at Victoria Park and Fa Hui Park. These are the largest flower markets and decorated with beautiful flowers.

People light many colourful lanterns on this day to welcome the Lunar New Year. You should definitely taste some delicious Chinese foods from some of best Chinese restaurants. Visit Jing, Bellagio and Summer Place at Jianguomen Outer St. You can have many great Chinese foods from these restaurants.

Hotels for CNY

There are a number of big hotels that offer great facilities to their guests. If you visit there on the Chinese Lunar New Year then you can have a great party to celebrate the festival. Search online to find out the best Chinese restaurants and hotels for your greatest CNY celebrations  and Spring Festivals in Beijing China.