2016 CNY Lion Parade in Philadelphia Chinatown

Philadelphia Chinese New Year Parade

One of the most popular festivals is New Year. People love to celebrate this winter festival. As it comes at the end of the year, it brings lot of happiness, good fortune and many more things for every person. Whether you are far away from your family or busy with your work this is the ultimate time to spend with your friends and family. Thereby, people come back to their family and spend quality time with them on this special event. Every community has different New Year celebration. For Chinese, this New Year’s Eve 2015 comes at the beginning of February.

Chinese community in Philadelphia celebrates Chinese New Year grandly. One of the most interesting festive celebrations is Lion Dance Parade in Chinatown.

CNY 2016 Lion Dance Parade

The Chinese Lunar New Year is set to start according to Chinese calendar, which is lunisolar. Philadelphia traditionally starts off a new year at 11:00 pm, the previous day, at “Paifang” China gate with the Lion Dance Parade and fireworks. Paifang is located at 10th Street in Philadelphia, situated between Market and Arch street.

The Lion Dance Parade in Philadelphia Chinatown is about the tradition of the lion bringing prosperity and good luck to those whom are able to lure him into their place. The lion is portrayed as a vegetarian in Chinese culture, so hanging vegetables and firecrackers are the lures.

Venue Information for Lion Dance Parade in Philly

Chinatown Area: 10th Street and Arch Street  (between 8th and 12th Streets and Arch and Vine Streets), Philadelphia, PA