Celebrate Chinese New Year 2016 in Honolulu Hawaii

Chinese New Year in Honolulu, Hawaii

Considered to be one of the most important and an auspicious festival, the Chinese New Year marks the beginning of a new lunar year. The Chinese population all over the world come together in fun and merry making and Honolulu Hawaii located in the US is no exception.

Making Most of 2016 CNY Celebrations

Fun and merry making dipped in tradition- that is what best defines the Chinese New Year in Hawaii. Deemed to be one of the oldest of the world, the Chinatown of Hawaii is a place shrouded in mystery and exoticness. It is a place where the diverse south Asian culture blend together to provide an eclectic and colourful place. And there can be no doubt about the fact that the celebrations of this “gateway” will exude uniqueness in addition to tradition and magnificence.

The first thing that you are going to witness in the Chinese New Year 2014 celebrations of Honolulu is that the entire Chinatown in draped in red to grace this occasion. Take stroll down the Muanakea Street and you will find red decorative hangings on the doors along with red lanterns with inscriptions of good luck. The Chinese population of Honolulu Hawaii also dress up in red for the occasion as the colour is believed to be auspicious and ushers in good luck. You will also find the Chinese population gifting each other money in red envelopes.

So, what are the ways in which you can indulge in merry making this Chinese New Year in Hawaii? To begin with, you could consider heading out to the Beretania, Mun Fa Cultural Plaza and Maunakea Street- the hotspots of the Chinese New Year celebrations to witness and be a part of all the fun. Like the Chinese New Year celebrations of other places, Hawaii, too, organises the Chinese New Year parade, featuring the lion and dragon dance with the Chinese animal of the year accompanying it. The parade also features colourful lanterns with good luck inscriptions, musical performances and kung fu demonstrations.

Food stalls stacked with traditional Chinese cuisine, such as, Bakkwa, Nian Gao, Pecking Duck, Nigori Sake-Yuzu dipping sauce, Shrimp and Chicken Spring rolls and the like. So, be ready to explore china with your taste buds with these food items. You will also want to try oranges for the occasion as it is believed to bring good luck for the coming year. Become one with the festive spirit of the place with the events organised by the Chinese Cultural Plaza on Beretania on River Street. You could also consider getting lost in the glory of the beauty pageant organised by the community on the occasion.

Hotels on Chinese New Year 2016

Chinatown being one of the most important gateways of Hawaii, the tourist footfall is bound to increase on the occasion. There are a number of hotels and accommodating options in and around Chinatown, such as, The Ohau Hotels that offers great discounts and promotions for the occasion. You can easily avail one of these to enhance your Chinese New Year experience in Hawaii this year.