Celebrate Chinese New Year 2017 in Kaohsiung

Chinese New Year in Kaohsiung

Join the city of Kaohsiung as it says welcome to the new beginning and new life with Chinese New Year and Spring Festival 2017 in Taiwan.

Introduction to Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung city is a municipality of state of Taiwan. It is located in south western Taiwan and face the Taiwan Strait. It is a globally city had is defined to have sufficiency. International Airport of Kaohsiung is third largest airport in Taiwan. Largest harbor in Taiwan is port of Kaohsiung. Navy fleet headquarters and naval academy of Taiwan are also located here. Kaohsiung is surrounded on north by Tainan City, on northwest by Chiayi and Nantou county, on northeast by Taitung County and on South and south east by Pingtung County.

Kaohsiung experiences a tropical savanna climate with warm summers and cool winters. The city is a famous tourist destination. There are many natural attractions, historical sites, museums, parks and zoos in the city. Large number of shopping streets and night markets are also present in the city.

Some of the most visited tourist places include Love River, Buddha Memorial Center, Tuntex Sky Tower, Liuhe Night Market, Kenting National Park, Kaohsiung Arena, Qihou Fort, Central park, National Stadium, Spring and Autumn Pavilions, Shou Shan Zoo and Dragon and Tiger Pagodas. Make sure to take kids to lovable places like Shou Shan zoo and dragon and tiger pagodas, which are specifically meant for children.

CNY parties and celebrations

One of the best events in Kaohsiung during the occasion of Chinese New Year is shooting of firecrackers in different places of the city. Children as well as adults burn the firecrackers and celebrate the occasion. People decorate their homes with red color and streets with red and gold colors and Chinese lanterns. They gather together and have dinners in family, relatives and friends.

Sanfonzon Street Night Market celebrates the Chinese New Year by staying alive for all the first five days of event. You can buy toys, meats, spices, tea, snacks and sweets from this market for the occasion on discounted rates. Many vendors wander through out the streets in market and sell tikoy, the traditional Chinese dish made up of sticky rice.

Kaohsiung Harbor and Love River celebrates the Lunar New Year with lantern festival in which traditional Chinese lanterns are blown. This lantern festival is also accompanied with light sculptures, food, live concerts and a magnificent firework display. This lantern festival is considered to be one of the 15 festivals which a person should attend before he/ she dies.

Accommodations for CNY

Some of the appealing and comfortable resorts and hotels in Kaohsiung are Kindness Hotel Qixian, Just Sleep Kaohsiung Zhongzheng, City Suites Kaohsiung Chenai, Kindness Hotel Jhong Jheng, Hotel Dua, Legend Hotel, Lees Hotel, Kindness Hotel (Kaohsiung Main Stations Front), Kindness Hotel Lio He Ye Shi and Jia’s Inn- Liouhe.