Top Places for New Years Eve in Seoul 2018

Whether you are a working professional or a student who is studying for his crucial exams, New Year’s Eve is a day to unwind and relax. All around the globe, people come together and celebrate this day with galore. If you are in Seoul this New Year’s Eve 2018 and you are looking for places to unwind and enjoy, here is a list of the most happening places in town.

  • Homigot Sunrise Festival

Homigot Sunrise Festival on NYE in Seoul

The Homigot Sunrise Festival that is held every year on Pohang Beach is a popular free event that hosts cultural festivals and impressive fireworks at midnight. There is a event where people can taste Tteokguk, which is a traditional rice cake soup. The tasting starts after the first rays of the sun fall. The festival also hosts Boshingak bell ceremony each year. Despite the cold temperatures thousands of people gather each year to witness the festival. As midnight approaches the sky is filled with beautiful fireworks. As a ritual the organizers choose a lucky citizen each year to ring the bell.

  • High Light Festival

The High Light Festival hosts the biggest end of the year concerts in whole of Seoul. The concert has all genres of live musical performances so that there is something for each one present.

  • M-Pub

The M-Pub which is a popular nightclub in the city will host in house entertainment which will include electronic dance music and other genres as well.

  • Club Answer

Club Answer in Seoul on NYE

Club Answer another popular destination among party freaks provides a wide variety of entertainment opportunities which includes live performances and in house DJs among others. Club Answer which is located in upscale Cheong dam district has been dominating the electronic dance sector for the past few years. The club is divided into three floors, the stage is located on the first floor, the VIP tables on the second floor and the club’s private room on the third floor. The club has a strict dress code as well, so the visitors are advised to keep that in mind.

  • Ellui’s Nightclub

Popularly known as Ellui, it is the biggest nightclub in whole of Seoul. Every year the nightclub hosts the popular Ministry of Sound Christmas Eve party. Ellui is sometimes referred to as Asia Multiplex Club and is said to be one of the largest and most famous in whole of Asia. The New Year’s Eve celebration at Ellui includes world famous DJs and other international performances as well.

  • Lotte Hotel

Lotte Hotel in Seoul on New Years Eve

Most of us want to spend New Year’s Eve with our special someone. The Lotte Hotel hosts a lavish New Year’s Dinner Eve every year. The ticket to The Lotte Hotel’s dinner party is one of the most costly in the whole of Seoul and is rare to find. The lavish dinner is set up in the Sky Lounge located at the InterContinental Seoul Coex. The ticket buys you a private table which is beautifully decorated with rose petals, a bottle of Champagne and breathtaking views from the skyline.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book your flight and accommodation and welcome New Year with a gala celebration at Seoul.