Spring Lantern Festival 2017 – Little New Year in Taipei

Taipei Lantern Festival

Celebrating the Occasion Grandly

Also known as the Little New Year, the Spring Lantern Festival 2017 can be said to be one of the most important festivals of the Chinese community after the Chinese New Year. Celebrated on the first full moon night of the first lunar month, the Lantern Festival marks the coming of the deities on Earth in order to bless the mortals. The festival along with paying respects to Lord Buddha also signifies the celebration of long hours of daylight by farmers and the coming of spring.

Spring Lantern Festival

Like many other parts of the world, Taipei, too, is quite well known for the Lantern Festival. If you are in the city at this time of the year, then you are definitely in for a treat. Be ready to greet glittering streets on the occasion; the entire city of Taipei is decorated with glittering lights to mark the occasion.

You could head out to the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall and witness the massive lantern that is installed every year in the middle of the plaza for the occasion and which manages to attract a huge bunch of spectators every year. A performance that includes spectacular display of laser lights, sculptural arts and music forms the prime feature of attraction every year. You will also notice that the four walls of the plaza are decorated with colourful lanterns depicting the folklore and history along with larger lanterns all shaped in the form of animals, such as, butterflies, dragons, birds and dinosaurs. Keep an eye out for the traditional lion and dragon dance accompanied by acrobatic acts, skits depicting the folk tales, mock battles and the like. You are also likely to find the place stuffed with goodies of various sorts, including traditional Chinese handicraft, knotwork, sculptures made of dough and the exotic flavours of Chinese cuisine. The festival also includes many other activities, such as, lantern making, games involving lantern riddles, lantern exhibitions etc.

You could also consider heading out to Pingsi in Taipei County and feast your eyes on the heavenly lantern or sky lantern, traditionally made of bamboo frames. Also known as the “Kung Ming Lanterns”, the masses of lanterns filled with hot air rising up into the sky is definitely a heavenly sight. Food is definitely an important part of any celebration and the lantern festival of Taipei is no different a deal. You could delight your taste buds with the various flavours of Tangyuan.

Hotels on Lantern Festival

The Spring Lantern Festival of Taipei, first started by the Taiwan Tourism Board in 1990 in order to promote local tourism has gone on to become one of the highlights of Asia. Not only does the festival manages to attract scores of tourists from all across Taiwan, but also manages to draw in visitors from other parts of the continent. Therefore, finding yourself an accommodation beforehand is of utmost importance. There are a number of hotels in the city of Taipei, such as, Shangri La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel, Tango Hotels, The Riviera Hotel etc that come up with attractive schemes and offers for the occasion. Avail any of these and enjoy the festival to your heart’s content.